Entry #3


2012-04-26 19:28:41 by Budisma

After over a year of busting my ass on the side, my comixbook debut PLANET NO-NO COMIX hath arrived!!!!!!! I am soooo fucking amped right now its unreal. I've for this moment since I was teeny weeeny little boy....True story, when I was in the 2nd grade we had to take a career assessment/placement test and at the end they ask you what you would like to do if you could do anything, and I simply stated comic book artist...Well what do ya know childhood dreams CAN come true!! It's dropping May 5th in Kingsville,Tx at the Hobby House I only have a very small 1st run of 25, my publisher pulled out at the last minute and wanted to wash their hands of the whole mess because my comic was tooo graphic. It says its for ADULTS on the cover! Ha anyhow they shipped me what they made and I'm happy with that. If anyone knows of a new place or publisher let me know cux I don't have nearly enough copies to go around with the demand I'm already getting. An article on Planet No-No was printed in my home town paper today as well... Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good and the futures looking a hell of a lot brighter! Thanks for the support guys & gals! And be sure to "like" Planet No-No Comix on Facebook @



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